Bumble Body Parts

Key bumble bee body parts for Field ID

Scutum is the area in front of the wings on the thorax.
Alar (wing band) is between the wings

Scutellum is the area behind the wings, on the thorax

“Black inverted triangle” on scutellum, when present

T1 thru T6 are the top abdominal segments

S1 thru S6 are the underside abdominal segments

Black notch on T4, when present

bumble bee body parts for field ID identification

Black Inverted Triangle

We were talking about field marks and how to easily remember them.  Lisa et al came up with the fun visual of a thong to describe the black inverted triangle found on the Two form bumble bee, Bombus bifarius (now B. vancouverensis nearticus) and a couple of other species.  Then she got the picture on the left.  We think it helps one visualize and recall the black inverted triangle on the scutellum of Bombus vancouverensis.

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