Cuckoo bumble bees

What is a Cuckoo bumble bee? To paraphrase Bumble Bees and Cuckoo Bumble Bees of California by Thorp, Horning, Jr and Dunning: Cuckoo bumble bees are social parasites without worker castes which usurp bumble bee nests and propagate themselves at the expense of their bumble bee hosts. In other words, a queen cuckoo waits until …

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Suckley cuckoo bumble, Bombus suckleyi

I have never seen Bombus suckleyi in the wild. I have grave concerns that I never will. Suckley cuckoo bumble bees seemed to prefer the Western bumble bee, Bombus occidentalis. When occidentalis populations crashed, the preferred target species was no longer available to suckleyi. Predator/prey ratios suggest a smaller population of suckleyi relative to their …

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Washington's bumble bees

Bumble Bees of Washington State

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