Seen anything fun?

While sightings should always be reported to Bumble Bee Watch, so they are accessible for conservation focused analysis, it’s not the same as being to tell like-minded folks about a cool sighting. New species for you? New County record? Track down one of those unsampled ecoregions to fill the vacuum of knowledge? See an unusual color morph? A challenging male?

Tell us about it!

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One Response to “Seen anything fun?”

  1. John Egbert says:

    Bombus impatiens in Bellingham this week at my house 7/29-30/2021

    Feeding on Chilean jasmine and lemon verbena Unlike other species here, this individual once disturbed flies about erratically and feels like it might sting

    FYI I have been posting lots of Bombus photos on iNaturalist bit not getting much needed feedback on my id’s

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